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Although RAGBRAI didn't go through our little town, the community welcomed anyone who stopped by. On Friday, July 30, 1999, downtown Dundee was all a bustle with riders, staff, and vehicles that accompanied them. There was plenty of food, drinks and potties to go around. We were happy to see everyone who stopped by and the experience will definitely be remembered for years to come. Here are a few photos of the day.

Just a little sign pointing the way into Dundee. Riders could go around the corner into town or turn right and head for Manchester.

We had a few early riders Friday morning. Of course not everyone will remember visiting Dundee.

More riders heading towards Dundee. It was an exciting day watching them and everyone with them coming by or going into town. The temperature for the day was over 100 degrees. It was the hottest day that summer.

Tents and tables were set up at Dundee park so everyone could get out of the sun and cool off. There was even a water hose running for anyone who was really hot. There was plenty of food and drink available, and the ladies in the community and the surrounding area prepared their favorite pastries.

Entertainment was provided by Jam Time, and they performed into the late hours of the evening. The people of Dundee wanted to say Thank You for stopping and hoped that everyone had a great time.

Thank you from the Dundee Community for including us on the RAGBRAI route. We thoroughly enjoyed the day and meeting everyone who participated. We also want to thank all the volunteers who helped with the day's events.

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