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The old fire house building was constructed in 1930. A door for the fire truck was added as well as an addition on the back. At one time this building had a jail cell. The fire department covers an area in 40 township sections including 2/3 of Backbone State Park. On average the firemen respond to 12 fires a year.

The Dundee firemen had a fund raising campaign to raise money to erect a new fire station and community center in Dundee. The new building houses all the fire equipment, a large meeting room and a kitchen facility is available to all organizations in the area. The firemen did the actual construction of the new building as a way of keeping the cost of the new facility within the budget they set for the project. In June 1987 construction began on the new fire station and community center. The community room located within the fire station can be rented for private gatherings. This room has an occupancy of 35 people.

A Volunteer Fire Department and First Responders answers all 911 calls with the Regional Medical Center located in Manchester.

The old firehouse location was the south side of the business district.

New station and community center.

Dundee Downtown Renovations donors list near fire station.

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